When Your Down to Nothing God is up to Something

I remember when I lost my job, my long term relationship, and my home all in the same week. I cried like a baby and asked God why? Lord what is this? What is happening? I felt lost and empty. My then boyfriend and I at the time where going to counseling and had a session scheduled for the following Saturday. I planed to go to the session alone to let the counselor know that we were no longer together and that this would be our last session. When I arrived I told the counselor everything that happened earlier in the week.
And he said to me it’s ironic how last week’s session I asked what did you desire in life? And you responded and said “an intimate relationship with God.” And now this week it’s you and God alone. The very things that I thought I needed where only distractions from me deepening my relationship with God. I could no longer depend on my boyfriend, my job, or anything else to be my provider. I had to fully surrender to God and trust him fully. During this time my faith increased and my relationship with God matured. I no longer knew God as this God who was so unreachable but as my father who loves, cares, provides, and protects me.
For the first time in my life I felt like I could finally hear his voice clearly. And in return he was able to lead me into the next dimension of my life. The ironic thing was that I was receiving a check in the mail that month and I was going to use it to furnish my new place. But since I lost my job I moved from the place and didn’t buy any furniture instead invested in my ministry. You see if I never lost my job I would have not started to work on my calling. So when your down to nothing rejoice because God is about to elevate you to the next level. Each level he requires a more disciplined you with full surrender. Here are some things to remember when you feel as though you have nothing:
  1. God Makes something out of nothing. That is when he uses us best. He has to break us down so he can build us back up.  
  2. Remove distractions. The very things that you think you need can actually be distracting you from moving forward  
  3. Continue to seek God. Read your word and be familiar with the promises he has on your life  
  4. Pray. Ask God to lead, guide, and give you strategy for your next move. After all your next move has to be your best move. 


Jordan Thorpe

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