How to Develop a Personal Relationship with God | For Beginners

I know growing up in the church my idea of being a Christian and follower of Christ was totally misconstrued. I thought being a follower of Christ was about long skirts, no makeup, going to church Monday through Sunday, boring, no-fun, and covering up all the issues in your heart that you’re not really dealing with because people are looking up to you or putting you on this petal stool because you’re a leader in the church or connected to the leader in the church.

But boy was I wrong, it was actually the complete opposite. My life actually started to excel once I developed my own relationship with Christ. I found purpose, had vision, gained wisdom, knowledge, more peace, joy, happiness, contentment, and love. Here’s the thing, living a life as a believer has everything to do with your relationship with Jesus and the renewing of your heart and mind. That fact that you are able to see people as Christ see’s people. I’ve found that going to Church Monday through Sunday does not make you a believer. It means nothing if you have not developed your own relationship with Christ. Church is good for fellowship and should help to confirm everything that you’re already doing in your day to day life.

Jesus gave us two commandments. (1) To love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul, with your whole mind and with all your strength. (2) To love your neighbor as thy self. When you love Christ you’ll be able to love people as Christ loves people. So I encourage you not to let the man made rules of the church or religion define your relationship with God. Everyone’s relationship is not going to look the same. And that is ok. He’s our father and desires everyone to have a relationship with him. We are his children. If you need tips to help you develop your own relationship with Christ here are a few that helped me.

  2. Start with a scripture a day and be intentional about it.
  3. God will meet us where we are. It’s amazing how he will lead us to the exact scripture that we are looking for and didn’t even know we were looking for it.
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Thank You God For Progression,
Jordan Thorpe
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